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Diversity & Inclusion

Supplier Diversity Program

We value the innovation and fresh ideas of our inclusive Supplier Partners and are committed to supporting their continued growth and success.

Gino Blefari
“HomeServices' unwavering commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is woven into the decisions we make throughout our business. We are proud to offer a Supplier Diversity program and drive meaningful change by supporting the economic growth, innovation and creativity of diverse businesses and communities who share our ethics, vision and mission.“

Gino Blefari, CEO HomeServices of America 


At HomeServices of America, Supplier Diversity is a strategic corporate initiative and a core pillar of our overall commitment to building diversity, equity and inclusion into every aspect of our company, including our supply chain. Our inclusive and diverse supply chain program embraces small and diverse businesses as true business partners to foster a culture that promotes economic development and sustainability and mirrors the valued customers and communities that we serve. HomeServices is committed to further integrating diversity into our strategic partner programs to collectively generate efficiency, innovation, and increased opportunities for growth. Together we serve our shared customers while honoring and promoting diversity with a commitment to advancing home ownership for all.


Become a Diverse Supplier

HomeServices invites you to learn more about our commitment to fostering a diverse supplier base. We welcome all potential suppliers who can fulfill our requirements on a competitive basis to see if they qualify to be part of our Supplier Diversity program. Our Supplier Diversity Program provides qualified businesses with a pathway to become an official supplier of products and/or services to HomeServices of America.

The businesses that qualify include:

  • Minority Business Enterprises (MBE)
  • Women Business Enterprises (WBE)
  • Disabled owned business
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender owned business (LGBT)
  • Disabled Veteran owned business
  • Small, Certified HUBZone business
  • Small Business Enterprises (SBE)
Team working together

Learn more about our Diverse Supplier Qualification Policy

HomeServices of America and its affiliates are committed to proactively identifying, attracting and developing long-term partnerships with diverse business enterprises that undergo a review and certification process to ensure the diverse suppliers are certified minority, women, U.S. military veteran or service-disabled veteran, LGBTQ, disability-owned, and small or disadvantaged businesses.

HomeServices of America supports a diverse and inclusive workplace that enriches the lives of our employees, enhances the communities in which we live and work, and delivers positive business results. HomeServices of America is committed to expand outreach to diverse suppliers to recruit more qualified bidders.

Status as a diverse supplier may impact selection of a supplier’s business as the winning bidder. To become a certified diverse supplier, please review the guidelines and certification requirements below.

Certifying Agencies for Diverse Suppliers

To qualify as a diverse supplier for bidding opportunities with HomeServices of America’s supplier diversity program, the supplier must have a valid certification from a third-party certifying agency acceptable to HomeServices of America.

Certification from the following agencies will qualify as a HomeServices of America diverse supplier:

Private U.S. Certifying Agencies

Federal U.S. Government Certifying Agencies

  • U.S. Small Business Administration

    Includes small disadvantaged businesses, women-owned small businesses, veteran-owned small businesses, service-disabled veteran owned small business, HUBZone business enterprise and 8(a) business enterprises.

The certifying agencies listed in this document are recommended agencies; however, this list is not all inclusive. HomeServices of America may accept and approve certification by other third-party organizations, or federal, state or local organizations.

Learn more about our Diverse Supplier Qualification Policy

Learn more about our Diverse Supplier Qualification Policy

Register to Become a Supplier Diversity Partner

If you are a diverse supplier and would like to proceed with registering, please complete an registration form and be able to show high quality, competitive pricing, exceptional delivery and creative business solutions.


Register to Become a Business Diversity Partner