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Fair Housing

Fair Housing

We pledge to honor the spirit as well as the letter of fair housing laws and policies.

HomeServices of America believes that every person who is qualified to buy a home deserves the opportunity to do so.

HomeServices and its family of brokerage, mortgage, settlement services, insurance, relocation and franchise companies oppose discrimination in housing and is committed to ensuring that everyone—regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, or other protected status— is treated equally and fairly.

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HomeServices believes that meaningful change is needed to ensure sustained equality. As industry leaders, we are taking steps to strengthen our communities, provide essential educational resources and build strategic community partnerships.

  • Provide Unconscious Bias training to employees and agents
  • Conduct At Home With Diversity® certification programs at each of our companies
  • Sign NAR's Fair Housing Declaration
  • Support community efforts including work for shelters, food banks, hospitals, schools, and other charitable organizations

It is our mission to be a superior provider of homeownership services to every person we serve. Our commitment to Fair Housing and behaving honestly, ethically and fairly at all times honoring the spirit of the law, as well as the letter, is unwavering and absolute.

Ron Peltier

Executive Chairman

HomeServices of America

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HomeServices of America

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