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Expertise, loyalty and motivation

ReeceNichols has a remarkable history, one with historical ties to Kansas City dating back to 1905 with the formation of J.C. Nichols Real Estate and again in 1987 with the creation of the J.D. Reece Company. In 2001, these two iconic brands saw an opportunity to better serve the people of Kansas City and provide them with unparalleled stability and strength right at home. They joined forces, and Reece & Nichols became the undisputed market leader in Kansas City real estate.

In 2014, Reece & Nichols took it a step further and removed the "&" from its name. As ReeceNichols, the name no longer conveys two companies but instead one united brand standing together as the leader in real estate.

Every member of ReeceNichols embodies our brand persona of Expertise, Loyalty and Motivation. Because ReeceNichols is a brand that goes above and beyond to deliver an experience that is fulfilling for both agents and consumers. We realize our business is one of relationships and that every individual interaction makes a difference. Therefore, we provide a platform for success that puts agents and consumers in control and creates opportunities to motivate and emotionally connect with every single person we serve.

Our brand story is crafted around our unique skillset, our motivations and our dedication to the people of KC. Around the fact that we aren't just selling four walls and a roof, but a place where people retreat from the world. That is why ReeceNichols diligently works with the people they serve, to guide them to the life they always wanted. Because they are people first and clients second.

ReeceNichols is all about rewarding lives--the lives of our agents, our employees and all the families who put their trust in our hands.

Kansas City area buyers and sellers have peace of mind knowing that ReeceNichols sales associates can take them from contract to close with a suite of services including HomeServices Lending,  Kansas City Title, and Reece & Nichols Insurance. Additional services include Home Warranty Plus and Reece Commercial.


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