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Headquartered in Birmingham, RealtySouth serves the entire state of Alabama with 760 agents and 19 sales offices. A member of the community since 1955, the company has been voted Birmingham’s “Most Recognized Real Estate Company” and one of Birmingham’s “Best Places to Work” by the Birmingham Business Journal.

Because of RealtySouth’s dominant market share, their agents can provide an unmatched level of exposure due to the sheer volume of buyers and sellers they serve. RealtySouth has streamlined the home transaction process to sell homes in the shortest amount of time, for the greatest amount of money without sacrificing quality of service. Key to this is the company’s full-service offerings: mortgages through HomeServices Lending, title search through TitleSouth, insurance needs by InsuranceSouthTitle Closing Centers, and AHS Home Warranty for warranty services.

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RealtySouth offers agents in-depth training, an in-house technology team, and an award-winning support team of marketing and advertising professionals.

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A word from RealtySouth's CEO

RealtySouth is Alabama's leading real estate company, having served our industry and communities since 1955.  With 19 offices and 750 sales associates, we continue to serve markets throughout the state.

But there may be more to our name—RealtySouth—than first meets the eye.  And when you consider the growing complexity of buying and selling real estate, that's a good thing!  You see, we're not just a real estate company; we're a full-service real estate company.

 A smooth and successful real estate transaction calls for many different service providers working together to achieve your goal.  Your transaction may involve a real estate agent, lender, title insurer, insurance company, home warranty provider, and closing agent.  If you're moving into or out of the area, relocation services might also be involved.

And so you have a choice.  You can seek out each service provider individually, or you can enlist a dedicated team of professionals who will work together to accomplish your goal.

Should you decide on the team approach, your RealtySouth Associate will coordinate, monitor, and guide your transaction every step of the way.  He or she will work with RealtySouth's Family of Services companies to be certain that every aspect of your transaction is handled with utmost care.  Your RealtySouth team includes:

The RealtySouth Family of Services Team

  • HomeServices Lending
  • TitleSouth
  • InsuranceSouth
  • AHS Home Warranty
  • RealtySouth Relocation
  • TitleSouth Closing Center

Working together we not only simplify your life, but also ensure that your transaction will close smoothly and efficiently. As with most consumers today, your real estate transaction will involve the Internet, and you'll find a wealth of information at Please connect with us there.

Richard Grimes, President and CEO, RealtySouth

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